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At Trasladia we don’t ask for much, we believe in the shared benefit of working and collaborating with local providers from all around the country so that we can grow together and be even more efficient.

We're pretty close to launching our application. If you're interested in our project or have questions to ask, we'd love to meet you. Shall we talk?

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Functionalities and tools at your disposal


Reach out to more clients thanks to a larger user base

The number of users that prefer online contracting grows every day. A simple booking process and knowing any rate instantaneously, improve user satisfaction and buying experience.


Set up your ratings and add extras to improve the average ticket

Forget about creating individual for every trip or service. With minimal intuitive settings you’ll have unlimited charging. You decide the cost of your services. Plus, you’ll have the option to show all the extras you offer.

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You choose to accept or not a trip, you have total control

You can set up the time in advance in which you prefer to receive your bookings and the timeframe you’ll use to manage them. Besides, you can accept or decline a request for a trip based on your availability or planned work hours.


Get comments that will help you improve and offer new services

Trasladia users can rate their service satisfaction once it’s completed. You’ll get a rating for each trip, with the possibility to get comments that will help all of us to improve and broaden the offered services.


Use our platform as a management tool for your company

Trasladia lets you manage your bookings in a simple and easy way. You can track in real time where your drivers are. Besides, you can also use our platform to manage all global operations of your company.


Get all the necessary information to optimise your business

You won’t have to worry about finding new opportunities for your business since Trasladia will inform you about what are the contracting tendencies as well as what events can be of most interest to you.

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Download our specific Trasladia app for drivers

  • Get bookings when you’re available and check your upcoming ones.
  • Communicate with the users through predefined messages during the service.
  • Check routes via real-time location tracking


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