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Get around without renouncing to anything. Near or far, on your own or with groups

  • Travelling always with qualified professionals for hire all around Spain, adapt the trip to your needs.
  • We work with local drivers all around Spain. We improve processes and efficacy helping you grow.
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Because Trasladia is different

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All kinds of vehicles and services

Choose a taxi, private driver or bus. You can travel as you please, point to point, pay-per-hour or with waiting times.

Guaranteed fixed rates

You’ll know the price of any service with all-inclusive rates before your trip. Prepare it without any surprises.

Immediate and easy request

You can request a ride in less than a minute thanks to our easy request process.

For a more responsible way of travelling

You’ll support the growth of a more sustainable and efficient way of travelling while also helping local economies grow.

Trasladia for Business

We want to improve corporate transportation

Request trips for your employees or clients and track them in real time. You can create distinct user profiles, manage all expenses, budgets and get immediate estimates.

Meet Trasladia for business

Download our app and request your Rides to our professional drivers

  • Designed in collaboration with field experts and providers
  • Set up your trip to the last detail and get rates beforehand
  • Manage your rides, save directions or check promotions on your profile
  • Check your driver’s profile, ratings, experience, etc.


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Experience and efficacy, our strong suit

Field innovation and efficacy are our goals. We work towards a future where transportation is not a problem, but a solution About us

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Are you a professional driver or own a VT, VTC or VD business? Trasladia gives you the opportunity to stand out and reach clients who look for the best service and professionality. Learn more